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  • instant psybnc account activation
• automatic payment processing
  • Moneybookers accepted
• E-gold accepted
• Customers from any country are welcome!

  • dDoS protection
• many vhosts available
• IPv6 support
• 24/7 friendly customer support


  • PSYBNC.NET offers instant bouncer access (psy bnc account - irc proxy - BNC permanently connected) for you to connect to any irc network such as Undernet, IRCnet, EFnet, Quakenet, Galaxynet, DALnet, etc.

  • For only 8 USD/6 months you will get INSTANT ACTIVATION, no need to wait for human processing anymore.

  • No unix knowledge needed, everything is setup automatically and waiting for you to connect.

  • Signup + payment process take less than 10 minutes.

  • If you wish only to download psybnc, please go to download section.

  • Want a free psybnc account? Visit affiliate section.

  • We accept customers from any country!

  • Satisfaction guaranteed! Our psybnc accounts have outstanding stability and uptime.

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